Iranian Army Demos New Loitering Drones with 1000g Warhead During Military Drills

The two-day Eqtedar 1402 military exercise started on October 27 in Nasrabad general area of Isfahan in Central Iran.
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Iranian Army Demos New Loitering Drones with 1000g Warhead During Military Drills
Iranian loitering munition @via state media

The Iranian Army showcased two new loitering munitions, Sina and Fateh, armed with warheads weighing between 300 to 1,000 grams, during the ongoing Eqtedar 1402 military drills.

These advanced kamikaze drones successfully showcased their abilities by striking designated targets, Iranian state media reported.

The ground forces' mobile assault units effectively employed the Sina and Fateh drones to engage both stationary and moving targets within a 10-kilometer radius. These suicide drones have been designed for use in ground combat against various types of targets and exhibit an operational endurance of 10 to 15 minutes.

What sets the Sina and Fateh drones apart is their intelligent guidance system, allowing them to track their targets from launch until impact. During the Eqtedar 1402 drills, these drones were put to the test for the first time and effectively destroyed their intended targets.

Furthermore, during the second day of the Eqtedar drills, Ababil-4 drones showcased their abilities by deploying Qaem-5 bombs on ground targets. These drones dropped vertical bombs on enemy positions, accurately hitting designated locations within a 7-kilometer range. Flying from a distance of 60 kilometers and traveling over 50 kilometers to reach the drill site, the Ababil-4 drones displayed precision.

Another highlight of the military exercises was the Mohajer 6 drone, which conducted an offensive operation in Nasrabad, Isfahan. This drone, equipped with a twin-arm laser-guided missile launcher, identified target areas and effectively engaged fixed ground targets with vertical bombs.

In terms of missile capabilities, Iranian military experts extended the range of both ground-based and air-based versions of the Dehlaviyeh missile from 5.5 kilometers to 8 kilometers. Notably, the Dehlaviyeh missile launcher was recently integrated into the M113 armored personnel carriers of the Army Ground Force.

The Eqtedar 1402 drills also witnessed the launch of the air-based version of the Shafaq missile, which reportedly can carry a 50-kilogram warhead at a maximum speed of Mach 2.2, with a destruction range of up to 20 kilometers.

Additionally, the homegrown Almas missile, paired with an automatic fire control system, was showcased for its ability to strike various targets within an 8-kilometer range. The air-based version of the Almas missile was demonstrated on Bell Cobra 209 choppers and combat drones.

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