Hanwha Systems to Develop Low-orbit Satellite Based Korean Military Communications

The company was awarded $30.5 million to develop satellites
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  • 12:22 PM, December 1, 2023
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Hanwha Systems to Develop Low-orbit Satellite Based Korean Military Communications
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Hanwha Systems was awarded a KRW 39.8 billion ($30.5 million) project to develop a military secure communication system utilizing commercial low-orbit satellites by the South Korean Defense Rapid Acquisition Technology Research Institute.

The 'Commercial Low-Orbit Satellite-Based Communication System' project, selected as a rapid pilot project in February, secured a KRW 39.8 billion ($30.5 million) agreement on November 28 between the Defense Rapid Acquisition Technology Research Institute (RAPID) and Hanwha Systems.

This rapid pilot project aims to develop a weapon system with new technology within two years, undergo military trials, and assess usability. Over the next two years, research will focus on military-specific communication components for commercial low-orbit satellites. The initiative aims to establish an independent military communication system, addressing challenges like communication cutoffs in mountainous regions.

Utilizing low-orbit satellites from multinational companies is expected to rapidly enhance military communication capabilities. The advantages include improved operational integration across various platforms, 24-hour uninterrupted communication, and addressing issues in mountainous areas. Low-orbit satellites offer lower latency and higher speed than geostationary satellites.

Until the military secures its own low-orbit communication system, the initiative aims to bridge the power gap and provide technical expertise based on commercial system development. Hanwha Systems, the project executing agency, plans collaborations with OneWeb for satellite utilization and technology exchange.

To enhance security, various technologies will be applied to prevent the leakage of sensitive military information through commercial communication satellites.

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