C-130H Avionics Modernization Advances with First Deliveries at L3Harris Waco Facility

C-130H’s avionics move from analog to digital
  • Defensemirror.com bureau
  • 09:14 AM, December 22, 2023
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C-130H Avionics Modernization Advances with First Deliveries at L3Harris Waco Facility
C-130H AMP INC 2 aircraft

Progress in the transition of the C-130H platform's avionics from analog to digital at the L3Harris Waco aircraft integration facility is marked by the successful delivery of the initial set of prototype aircraft for developmental and operational testing.

L3Harris, as the prime contractor for the U.S. Air Force Avionics Modernization Program Increment 2 (AMP INC 2), is actively engaged in updating avionics for the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve fleet of C-130H aircraft.

This signifies a pivotal step from the developmental phase to the production phase, with a focus on deploying the upgraded aircraft to the warfighter. The C-130H is undergoing avionics updates, introducing a proven, cost-effective solution designed to enhance mission reliability and reduce pilot workload.

The AMP INC 2 program is focused on providing a substantial avionics upgrade to maintain the continued operational effectiveness of the C-130H, ensuring readiness for various missions. The modernization efforts aim to equip the C-130H with advanced capabilities to enhance operational effectiveness across different scenarios.

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