Russian Avionics for MC-21 Airliner's Cockpit Delivered to Plane Maker

Replacing Western parts with Russian components took place amid pre-project sanctions
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  • 01:13 PM, October 27, 2023
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Russian Avionics for MC-21 Airliner's Cockpit Delivered to Plane Maker
MC-21 airliner @Rostec

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies of the Rostec State Corporation has delivered the first set of entirely Russian avionics for the cockpit of the imported MC-21 airliner, furthering the cause of import substitution in the aerospace industry.

These avionics, including aircraft systems control panels and lighting equipment, have been developed by the Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau (UKBP), a part of the Rostec-owned KRET (Concern of Radioelectronic Technologies).

The UKBP spearheaded the development and production of Russian avionics, aiming to create a unified information and control field within the MS-21's cockpit. This technology provides a seamless experience for pilots, allowing them to manage hydraulic, fuel, inertial, anti-icing systems, fire protection systems, air conditioning, speed measurement, and various other critical actuators of the aircraft.

The lighting equipment within the pilot's cabin has also been fully localized, ranging from floor lighting to general cabin illumination and signal displays, Rostec said in its official release.

The development is particularly noteworthy considering the challenges posed by Western sanctions imposed on the MC-21 project even before its inception. Despite these challenges and the demand for extensive import substitution, Rostec's various enterprises have managed to fulfill their designated tasks. One of the prominent entities involved, the KRET concern, successfully replaced numerous foreign components with domestic avionics, which are now being supplied for bench testing and assembly of the MS-21 airliner.

Oleg Yevtushenko, the Executive Director of Rostec, commented on this remarkable achievement, saying, "Even before the start of the SVO, the MS-21 project became the target of Western sanctions. Despite unprecedented pressure and the need for large-scale import substitution, Rostec enterprises are coping with the assigned tasks. In particular, the KRET concern has replaced a large number of foreign components for avionics and has already begun supplying the latest avionics to begin bench testing, as well as assembly of the MC-21. I would like to emphasize that the Russian airliner is being created using the most modern Russian-made systems and technologies."

The MC-21, equipped with this entirely Russian-developed avionics, becomes the first domestic aircraft to feature an integrated set of on-board equipment created based on KRET's cutting-edge technologies.

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