Chinese PLA Navy's Eighth Type 055 Large Destroyer Completes Multi-Mission Examination

Xianyang, the PLA Navy's eighth 10,000-ton large destroyer, was commissioned in April 2023.
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Chinese PLA Navy's Eighth Type 055 Large Destroyer Completes Multi-Mission Examination
China's guided-missile destroyer Dalian (Hull 105)

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy's eighth Type 055 large destroyer, the Xianyang, has undergone a comprehensive multi-mission examination, signaling its “readiness for combat.”

The vessel's capabilities were put to the test in sea attack, anti-submarine, and air defense missions during a full-course training examination organized by a PLA Navy-affiliated vessel training center.

The training, conducted in an undisclosed sea region, featured live-fire shooting exercises with the Xianyang's main guns, close-in weapon systems, and anti-submarine depth charges, as reported by government-controlled China Central Television (CCTV) on Sunday. The Bayannaoer, a Type 054A frigate, also participated in the examination.

China's semi-official Global Times confirmed the examination, with experts stating it "tested the newly commissioned warship's comprehensive capabilities as it readies for combat."

The Xianyang, commissioned in April 2023, is the eighth 10,000-ton class large destroyer in the PLA Navy's fleet. The vessel is stationed in the PLA Southern Theater Command, facing the South China Sea, as confirmed by CCTV when the ship entered service last year.

A Chinese military expert, speaking on condition of anonymity, emphasized that the completion of a full-course training examination indicates that the warships are nearing operational capabilities. The Xianyang's rapid acquisition of combat capabilities within a year of commissioning can be attributed to the experiences gained from previous Type 055 hulls, the expert noted.

Analysts point out that the addition of another Type 055 destroyer to the PLA Navy's arsenal is a significant strategic move, particularly in the context of ongoing tensions in the South China Sea.

Shi Hong, executive chief editor of Shipborne Weapons magazine, highlighted the vessel's ability to accompany aircraft carriers, serve as the command ship of a flotilla, and provide flexible tactics for the PLA Navy.

Equipped with a displacement of over 10,000 tons, the Type 055 large destroyer features an integrated mast for exceptional situational awareness. The vessel is armed with a 112-cell missile vertical launch system capable of deploying a variety of missiles, including land attack, anti-ship, anti-air, and anti-submarine, according to publicly available information and analyses.

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