Russian Navy Landing Ship Destroyed in Ukrainian Drone Attacks: Reports

Russian MoD said it destroyed 6 drones over the waters of the Black Sea today
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  • 08:26 AM, February 14, 2024
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Russian Navy Landing Ship Destroyed in Ukrainian Drone Attacks: Reports
Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov

A Russian Navy Project 775 Ropucha class large landing ship, the "Caesar Kunikov," is believed to have been destroyed on February 14 following an explosion and fire on board in the Black Sea.

Ukrainian media outlets, citing the Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR), claim that a drone attack orchestrated by Ukraine targeted the vessel, resulting in its sinking. The information has been corroborated by sources close to the Ukrainian government.

Reports from the Telegram channel "Crimean Wind" indicate that local residents in Yalta, Mishor, Alupka, and Simeiz heard powerful explosions, with the landing ship allegedly sinking in the Mishor region. Search and rescue operations are currently underway, with a vessel dispatched to locate the wreckage of the "Caesar Kunikov."

Simultaneously, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced through Telegram that on the same day, they intercepted and destroyed six drones over the Black Sea. The statement reads, "Using air defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted and destroyed over the territories of the Belgorod (2 UAVs) and Voronezh (1 UAV) regions, as well as over the waters of the Black Sea (6 UAVs)."

The Russian Black Sea Fleet website provides details about the "Caesar Kunikov," describing it as a large landing ship of Project 775, measuring 112.5 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and with a draft of 3.7 meters. The vessel is armed with 2×2 57mm AK-725 artillery mounts, 4×8 MANPADS launchers, and 2×30 122mm A-215 "Grad-M" MLRS launchers. The ship has a crew of 87 personnel.  The ship is capable of carrying 650 tonnes of cargo over a distance of 4,700 miles.

While some Russian Telegram channels report that all crew members were rescued, there is currently no official confirmation of this claim.

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