Russia Unveils Stupor System for Defense Against Drone Threats

Stupor system integrates radar, optics, and jamming for autonomous drone defense, providing detection and countermeasures.
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  • 10:56 AM, February 26, 2024
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Russia Unveils Stupor System for Defense Against Drone Threats
Stupor anti-drone system @Russian state media

Russia has announced the development of Stupor, an advanced system for safeguarding facilities from drone threats, boasting multi-faceted detection and suppression capabilities.

Vladislav Kustarev, the development director of Stupor LLC, was quoted as saying by Russian state media that the Stupor system integrates various detection mechanisms, including radar, radio frequency scanners, and an optical drone recognition station. Complementing these, the system features countermeasures such as jamming equipment and a coordinate substitution complex.

Kustarev highlighted the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the software package, allowing the Stupor system to function independently, eliminating the need for complex operator involvement. The system enables direct download of reporting and archived information to mobile devices, offering convenience. Additionally, the flexibility of integrating detection and countermeasure solutions from other manufacturers into the Stupor system has been emphasized.

Russia Unveils Stupor System for Defense Against Drone Threats
STUPOR STORM @Russian state media

The development team emphasized the relevance of such systems, citing regular attacks on infrastructure and military facilities in central Russia by Ukrainian UAVs during special operations. Kustarev acknowledged the challenge of countering these threats, considering that conventional air defense means might not always be practical due to the cost of ammunition compared to the relatively inexpensive civilian drones frequently repurposed for attacks.

Kustarev specifically noted the deployment of stationary systems in the fuel and energy complex facilities, operating in constant mode to detect and counter unmanned aerial vehicles, especially during night attacks when visibility is limited. The team suggested that their system could offer enhanced reliability and reduce false positives, addressing the complexities of distinguishing between hostile and non-hostile drones.

Russia Unveils Stupor System for Defense Against Drone Threats
STUPOR STIHL @Russian state media

In terms of technical capabilities, Kustarev shared that the Storm and Shtil complexes within the Stupor system can detect and lock onto targets from a distance exceeding five kilometers. Furthermore, the Pars defense systems, part of the Stupor system, can suppress UAVs up to two kilometers away, employing both narrow directional beams and a 360-degree "dome" diagram.

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