Turkish MoD Receives F-16 Purchase Offer and Acceptance Letters from U.S.

U.S. approved $23B sale of F-16s and modernization kits to Turkey in January 2024
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  • 10:59 AM, March 1, 2024
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Turkish MoD Receives F-16 Purchase Offer and Acceptance Letters from U.S.
Turkish F-16

The U.S. Department of Defense has officially transmitted the "Offer and Acceptance Letter" outlining the terms for Turkey's acquisition of F-16 Block 70 fighter jets to Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense.

The Turkish defense ministry confirmed this in an official statement, stating, "In alignment with the requirements of our Air Forces Command, the 'Draft Offer and Acceptance Letters' sent by the USA pertaining to our request for the procurement of 40 new F-16 Block-70s, the modernization of the existing 79 F-16s, and the provision of ammunition, materials, and equipment, have been received by our Ministry.”

Regarding the subsequent steps in Turkey's procurement of F-16 Block 70 fighter jets, the ministry stated that both the U.S. and Turkey will meet after completing examinations. Joint evaluations will occur, finalizing the agreement and initiating the timeline. Pricing, based on the list and products, will be disclosed in the conclusive agreement phase, which includes Turkey's proposal for production and modernization activities submitted to U.S. authorities.

On January 26, 2024, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a foreign military sales (FMS) notification for the sale of F-16 Block 70 aircraft to Turkey. The notification encompassed the sale of 40 F-16 Block 70 fighter jets, 79 F-16 Block 70 modernization kits, and a variety of accompanying equipment, with a budget totaling approximately $23 billion. Among the 40 F-16 Block 70s, 32 will be configured as single-seat aircraft, and 8 will be configured as double-seat aircraft.

In addition to the aircraft, the procurement includes 48 F-110 Turbofan Engines, 149 AN/APG-83 AESA SABR Radars, 168 Integrated Viper Electronic Warfare Suites, 858 LAU-129 Guided Missile Launchers, 44 M61 Vulcan Cannons, 16 AN/AAQ-33 Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods, 952 AMRAAM AIM-120C-8 Air-to-Air Missiles, 96 AMRAAM Guidance Sections, 864 GBU-39/B Miniature Bombs, 96 AGM-88B HARM Anti-Radiation Missiles, and 96 AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Missiles (AARGM). Additionally, 401 AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missiles and various other systems will be procured.

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