India's HAL to Manufacture MiG-29 Engines with Russian Technology

This contract is worth approximately $610M
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  • 04:54 AM, March 2, 2024
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India's HAL to Manufacture MiG-29 Engines with Russian Technology
IAF MiG-29 fighter

The Indian Ministry of Defence announced on Friday the signing of a contract between Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and the Russian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the production of RD-33 Aero Engines.

The deal, valued at INR 5,250 Crore (approximately $610 million), is set to reinforce the operational capabilities of the MiG-29 fleet of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The responsibility for manufacturing these aero engines will fall under the domain of the Koraput Division of HAL. Operating under a Transfer of Technology (TOT) license from the Russian OEM, this initiative aims not only to meet the immediate needs of the IAF but also to enhance the indigenous capabilities of India's defense manufacturing sector.

The program will primarily concentrate on the indigenization of critical components, thereby boosting the domestic content in future Repair and Overhaul (ROH) tasks related to RD-33 aero engines.

India has ordered a total of 101 MiG-29 aircraft through various procurement phases. The initial order in 1984 consisted of 44 MiG-29s, followed by additional orders of 26 in 1989 and 10 in 1994. Upgrades to the existing fleet were initiated in 2005-2006, and a subsequent contract in 2006 aimed to upgrade all 69 operational MiG-29s. In 2020, India ordered an additional 21 MiG-29s. At present, around 60 MiG-29s remain in active service.

However, with the fleet approaching the end of its operational life, plans for its decommissioning are already underway. The MiG-29 fleet is projected to be phased out by 2035, making the current upgrade program a crucial step in ensuring the continued effectiveness of these aircraft until their retirement.

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