Turkish ATMACA Anti-ship Missile Tested with Locally-made Engine

The ATMACA cruise missile can target ships as well as mobile land targets.
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  • 12:49 PM, March 11, 2024
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Turkish ATMACA Anti-ship Missile Tested with Locally-made Engine
Turkish ATMACA Missile with Kale Arge KTJ3200 engine

The Turkish Anti-Ship Missile ATMACA completed its first flight with the domestically developed turbojet missile engine, Kale Arge KTJ3200.

ATMACA anti-ship missile was developed in collaboration with Aselsan and the Research Center Command (ArMerKom) within the framework of the requirements of the Turkish Naval Command.

KTJ3200 engine has been specifically optimized for unmanned aerial platforms such as cruise missiles and target aircraft. The qualification of the original KTJ-3200 turbojet engine has been completed and large quantities have been delivered.

The ATMACA  anti-ship missile system, with the KTJ3200  turbo-jet engine, replaces the Harpoon missile system in the inventory of the Turkish Navy, the Defence Industries Secretariat said today.

In the project, local firm, Aselsan is involved in the development of the RF seeker and another Turkish enterprise, ArMerKom is responsible for the development of the fire control system and control consoles.

The ATMACA was designed to meet the operational requirements of naval forces in surface warfare. This is a high-precision surface-to-surface guided missile that can be used to attack boats, frigates or larger vessels.

In addition to sea targets, ATMACA can also be used for sea-land targets. Target updates can be made after the missile is fired. 

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