Israeli Army Broadcasts Intimidating Sounds via Drones to Lure & Kill Palestinians in Gaza

Nuseirat refugee camp residents were reportedly attacked by Israeli drones after they came out upon hearing recordings of women screaming and babies crying
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  • 06:40 AM, April 17, 2024
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Israeli Army Broadcasts Intimidating Sounds via Drones to Lure & Kill Palestinians in Gaza
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The Israeli military is employing deeply concerning tactics to intimidate, entrap, and target Palestinian civilians in the Nuseirat refugee camp of central Gaza.

Reports from camp residents, shared with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, reveal disturbing events that unfolded during late hours on Sunday and Monday. Residents heard recordings of women screaming and babies crying, prompting some to venture outside to investigate and offer help, only to be fired upon by Israeli quadcopter drones. These sounds were intentionally played by the drones to lure residents into vulnerable positions where they could be targeted by snipers and other military assets.

Witnesses describe a campaign of psychological warfare that included simulated gunshots, explosions, and military vehicle movements, along with occasional songs in Hebrew and Arabic. These tactics aimed to unsettle civilians living in nighttime darkness and isolation.

A 20-year-old resident of the camp, speaking anonymously for safety reasons, recounted to the Euro-Med Monitor team: “We were sitting at night when we heard voices of girls and women screaming: ‘Come, help me, I am injured!’ We went out to find out what was happening. No women were found, but we were directly targeted by a quadcopter drone.”

The resident fled indoors, and two people nearby were seriously injured. Due to ongoing gunfire, they couldn't provide treatment, so they called an ambulance. Many residents responded to help upon hearing the distressing sounds.

A 60-year-old woman reported hearing gunfire and women's cries for help, claiming their children were injured. She suspected the sounds were recordings from planes and didn't go outside due to the late hour.

This psychological pressure was accompanied by intense military assaults, including gunfire from helicopters, tanks, and quadcopters, as well as artillery and airstrikes. The attacks were indiscriminate, targeting civilian areas, schools, and mosques housing displaced people, resulting in numerous civilian casualties, including women and children.

Euro-Med Monitor has issued a warning about the grave dangers posed by these immoral tactics, which violate international human rights law. The deliberate targeting of defenseless buildings and residential areas constitutes war crimes under the Rome Statute, demanding immediate international accountability, the report said.

In light of these events, reparative measures must be pursued, including legal actions against those responsible for supplying military support. The ongoing suffering in Gaza demands urgent attention and action to uphold human rights and international law.

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