France Conducts First Joint Firing of Naval Cruise Missiles from FREMM Frigate, Suffren Submarine

French FREMM frigate and a Suffren-class submarine conducted their first-ever double simultaneous training firing of the Naval Cruise Missile on April 18
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France Conducts First Joint Firing of Naval Cruise Missiles from FREMM Frigate, Suffren Submarine
MdCN missile launch from FREMM frigate Aquitaine @Marine Nationale

French naval forces conducted the first-ever joint firing of Naval Cruise Missiles (MdCN) by the Aquitaine Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) and a Suffren-class nuclear attack submarine (SNA) off the coast of France.

The training operation was supported by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), specifically its expert testing centers including DGA Missile Testing, DGA Information Management, and DGA Naval Techniques. The exercise aimed to demonstrate the synchronization and precision of strike capabilities across different naval units targeting a single land-based objective.

The land target was located at the Landes site of the DGA missile tests and was hit in synchronization by the MdCN missiles launched from both the FREMM frigate and the Suffren-class submarine.

This training exercise was conducted under conditions simulating real operational scenarios to enhance the French Navy's operational know-how and combat skills.

The operation included support from the MdCN program directorate, DGA Information Management, DGA Naval Techniques, and technical support from MBDA, which provided expertise in missile technology.

The MdCN missiles, which have been integrated onto FREMM frigates since 2017 and Suffren-class submarines, enhance France's ability to conduct long-range precision strikes against strategic targets.

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