New Generation T-80BVM Tanks Being Assembled at Russian Plant

T-80BVM tanks come upgraded with new camouflage, canopy protection against top attack weapons, and turret protection system
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  • 06:11 AM, April 20, 2024
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New Generation T-80BVM Tanks Being Assembled at Russian Plant
Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu inspects T-80BVM battle tanks, April 19, 2024.

T-80BVM tanks, equipped with a range of improvements including new camouflage, a canopy for protection against top attack weapons, and a turret protection system, are currently undergoing assembly at a plant located in the Omsk region.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on April 19th that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was briefed on the new design of the T-80BVM battle tanks during a visit. The tanks are currently in production and are being fitted with the Nakidka camouflage system and a protective canopy.

Furthermore, the T-80BVM tanks will be equipped with individual electronic warfare protection kits. These kits include the "Kontakt-5" armor protection systems, anti-cumulative visors with zigzag patterns, and small-sized individual electronic countermeasures systems (ZIP) developed by the St. Petersburg Research and Production Center RKIS.

New Generation T-80BVM Tanks Being Assembled at Russian Plant
T-80BVM battle tank

The T-80BVM is a modernized version of the T-80BV tank, featuring significant upgrades aimed at enhancing combat effectiveness. Notable enhancements include a more powerful gas turbine engine for improved mobility over varied terrains, reinforced wire cage armor on the turret and hull to provide increased protection against RPGs and drones, and the Volnorez anti-drone electronic jamming system with two omnidirectional antennas capable of suppressing drones within a radius of 600-1000 meters.

Additionally, the T-80BVM incorporates upgraded fire control systems and night vision devices, such as the 1PN96MT thermal imaging sight, which enhances visibility and targeting capabilities in low-light conditions.

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