MBDA Qualifies GRIFO Air Defense System with CAMM-ER Missile for Italian Army

During testing, the GRIFO system's PCMI was qualified alongside the missile launcher and CAMM-ER missile integration for the first time.
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  • 04:00 AM, May 9, 2024
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MBDA Qualifies GRIFO Air Defense System with CAMM-ER Missile for Italian Army
MBDA fires GRIFO system with CAMM-ER missile

MBDA recently qualified the GRIFO system, the Italian Army’s new air defense system, as part of the EMADS (Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solutions) family using the (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile – Extended Range) missile.

The GRIFO system enhances the Italian Army’s short-range air defense (SHORAD) capability with extended range provided by the CAMM-ER missile, which is vertically launched to provide 360° air defense coverage.

During the qualification test, the Command Post and Engagement Module (PCMI) of the GRIFO system was tested and qualified for the first time, integrated with the missile launcher and CAMM-ER missile. The test involved engaging a target drone simulating an enemy aircraft attack, validating the system’s performance in an integrated mode.

MBDA is the design authority for the entire GRIFO system, including the PCMI, launcher, and CAMM-ER missile. The PCMI features an MBDA Command & Control system integrated with a Rheinmetall Italia X-TAR3D radar and a Leonardo identification friend or foe (IFF) system.

The PCMI detected, identified, and classified the target drone, evaluated the appropriate defense response, and commanded the launch of the CAMM-ER missile to neutralize the threat during the test. The trial also confirmed the functionality of the two-way datalink between CAMM-ER and the GRIFO ground system.

CAMM-ER is an extended-range missile within the CAMM family jointly developed by the UK and Italy for land and naval air defense. It can be integrated with various radar and command and control systems to form an Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solution (EMADS). CAMM-ER will replace the Aspide missile in the Italian Air Force's Medium Advanced Air Defense System (MAADS) and is also integrated into the Albatros NG naval-based air defense system.

CAMM-ER features an active seeker and a new motor designed by AVIO to provide extended range compared to the standard CAMM missile version.

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