New Upgraded Triton Anti-FPV Drone System Deployed by Russian Troops in Ukraine

This drone system features pyramid-shaped modules, quick deployment, modular installation, and adaptable frequency suppression.
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  • 04:50 AM, May 15, 2024
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New Upgraded Triton Anti-FPV Drone System Deployed by Russian Troops in Ukraine
Russian FPV drone

The Russian troops engaged in the special military operation in Ukraine have received an upgraded version of the Triton tank anti-FPV drone system.

This was announced by Denis Oslomenko, CEO of Laboratory PPSh, to TASS on Tuesday. The newly enhanced modules feature a pyramid shape designed to obscure their number and specific parameters from enemy detection, marking an improvement over the previous iterations of the Triton drone suppression systems.

Oslomenko described the upgraded Triton system as a compact and convenient standardized solution for armored vehicles. Each module includes six to eight magnets, allowing for flexible installation on tanks as needed. The entire system is interconnected, providing the tank driver with a control panel. Installation is quick, taking about five minutes under normal conditions or up to ten minutes if an alternative power supply is necessary.

Oslomenko revealed that several thousand new Triton systems are already deployed in the conflict zone.

The new Triton systems are versatile, capable of being mounted not only on armor but also on quad bikes, sea boats, and various objects requiring protection against FPV drones. This adaptability ensures comprehensive coverage and protection across different platforms.

Back in late October 2023, Oslomenko had reported to TASS about the deployment of Triton drone suppression systems on various armored vehicles such as Tigr, Taifun, and Kamaz during the ongoing military operations in Ukraine. The Triton system generates a protective field with a diameter of at least 300 meters and can be reconfigured by adding modules to counter new frequencies utilized by enemy FPV drones.

Laboratory PPSh, the developer of the Triton system, is a Russian company specializing in information security services and products. Their portfolio includes telephone line protectors, wireless communications blockers, and drone suppressors, notably the LPD-801 and LPD-802 anti-drone guns, alongside the Triton electronic warfare system.

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