Netherlands Allocates €500M for Extra Ammunition

Dutch MoD wants to buy artillery, rocket, air defense missiles, anti-tank weapons, grenades, and F-35-related anti-radar missiles.
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  • 09:35 AM, May 16, 2024
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Netherlands Allocates €500M for Extra Ammunition

In response to escalating global tensions and a heightened threat of large-scale conflict, the Dutch Ministry of Defense has swiftly allocated an additional €500 million to expedite the procurement of essential ammunition supplies.

State Secretary Christophe van der Maat announced this allocation on Wednesday during a session of the House of Representatives. The decision comes amidst a deteriorating global security environment marked by increased uncertainty, prompting calls for the Netherlands, NATO allies, and European partners to bolster support for Ukraine while enhancing their own defensive capabilities.

The allocated budget will facilitate the purchase of critical fire support ammunition, including artillery and mortar shells, as well as GPS-guided ammunition for rocket artillery.

Additionally, Defense is prioritizing the acquisition of air defense missiles, anti-radar missiles for the F-35, and anti-tank missiles. The procurement plan also includes additional grenades for naval guns and pyrotechnic means to enhance self-protection systems.

To expedite the acquisition of crucial air defense systems, the Netherlands has leveraged an opportunity presented by Norway, securing the ability to order Short Range systems from the Norwegian consortium Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace. This initiative enables Defense to fast-track the procurement of components with extended production or delivery timelines through a pilot project.

Furthermore, the increased ammunition stock necessitates additional personnel and storage facilities. Defense is recruiting several dozen employees to oversee inventory management, safety protocols, and type classification related to the expanded ammunition supplies. The ministry is also repurposing ammunition complexes slated for disposal, leveraging their ample storage capacity and existing permits to ensure secure storage of the enhanced stockpile.

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