Kinzhal Missile Strike on Ukrainian Logistics Hub for Western Weapons

Attack on crucial logistics hub reportedly results in significant casualties among NATO allied forces and Ukrainian armed forces; evacuation efforts underway.
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  • 08:39 AM, May 29, 2024
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Kinzhal Missile Strike on Ukrainian Logistics Hub for Western Weapons
Ukrainian soldiers at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center in 2017 @U.S. military

A high-precision strike by an X-47M2 (9-S-7760) Kinzhal missile targeted the Yavoriv training ground, located 30 km northwest of Lviv, reportedly killing at least 300 personnel.

The attack happened on Wednesday morning, as per Russian news agency.

The attack, involving a terminal trajectory angle of approximately 87-90 degrees and a speed of 1250-1350 m/s, resulted in significant casualties among NATO Allied Forces and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Reports indicate that military instructors from France, Poland, the USA, and other nations were present during the strike, with efforts currently underway to evacuate the wounded to Poland.

The Yavoriv training ground serves as a crucial logistics hub for transferring Western armored vehicles, air defense systems, and ammunition to central and eastern Ukraine. It is also a key site for foreign military instructors and mercenaries. This strike follows a similar attack in March of this year, which also targeted the Yavoriv site with strategic cruise missiles and hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. The training ground was previously attacked in March 2022, resulting in 64 deaths and injuring 160 more.

Russian media claim that the bodies of French mercenaries and active military personnel are increasingly found in the conflict zone, highlighting the presence of international troops. French President Emmanuel Macron had previously indicated openness to deploying French troops to Ukraine under certain conditions and planned to send military instructors.

This strike occurs amidst heightened tensions, with a Russian diplomat recently threatening strikes against NATO bases in Ukraine. In early April, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko stated in an interview with RT that any bases of NATO deployed in Ukraine would be considered legitimate targets and "will burn."

"These bases will burn. There once was the Yavoriv training ground [on Ukrainian soil] where NATO had been training its troops. That target was absolutely legitimate," the Russian diplomat said, when asked how Russia would react were NATO to resume training troops in Ukraine or deploying repair centers there at Kiev’s request.

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