Gaza Pier Removed Again

The pier, first damaged in adverse weather conditions on May 25, underwent restoration earlier this month on June 7.
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  • 06:57 AM, June 20, 2024
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Gaza Pier Removed Again
Satellite image of the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore pier @MAXAR

The U.S. Army's pier to deliver aid to Gaza was dismantled and towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod to protect against expected rough seas on June 18.

A CNN report on June 20, citing two U.S. officials, wrote that the aid pier has been reanchored off the Gaza coast.

The pier, first damaged in adverse weather conditions on May 25, underwent restoration earlier this month on June 7. During its operational phase, allegations surfaced regarding its use by Israeli special forces in the successful rescue of hostages held by Hamas.

Since May 17, the temporary pier has served as a crucial conduit for delivering humanitarian aid into Gaza. Despite its relocation, officials expect the pier to resume operations on the Mediterranean coast this week, facilitating the continuous delivery of much-needed aid.

Pentagon Press Secretary, Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, affirmed during a recent briefing the intent to reinstate operational capabilities swiftly. He stated, "In terms of the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore pier, we expect it will go operational again this week."

While acknowledging the temporary nature of the pier, referred to colloquially as the "Trident Pier" or "the causeway," Ryder emphasized the absence of plans to cease aid delivery via this channel. He reassured, "We're looking forward to getting it operational again soon and to delivering aid."

Despite facing challenges due to weather-related damage and temporary shutdowns, the pier has facilitated the delivery of a significant volume of aid into Gaza. "Since the pier was put in place about a month ago, we've been able to shuttle over 3,500 metric tons, or 7.7 million pounds of aid onto the shore in Gaza, via this temporary pier," Ryder added.

In addition to the pier, the U.S. Central Command has collaborated with the Royal Jordanian Air Force since March to conduct humanitarian airdrops into Gaza. These efforts, totaling nearly 40 missions, have delivered essential supplies, including bulk food, water, and prepared meals, exceeding 1,050 metric tons.

The most recent humanitarian airdrop occurred on June 9, involving a U.S. C-130 aircraft delivering over 10 metric tons of "meals ready to eat" into Northern Gaza.

According to a recent New York Times report, U.S. officials have indicated that the pier, constructed at a cost of more than $200 million, might be dismantled earlier than originally scheduled. Aid organizations in Gaza were informed by U.S. authorities that the structure could be taken apart as early as July. This decision comes amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and despite the pier's limited impact in alleviating goods shortages in the region.

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