Russian Firm Develops AI-Based Unmanned Tracked Anti-Tank Platform

Measuring 2 meters in length, the unmanned platform can be equipped with different modules for various missions
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  • 12:08 PM, June 22, 2024
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Russian Firm Develops AI-Based Unmanned Tracked Anti-Tank Platform
Impulse-M Robotic Tracked Anti-tank Platform

Russia’s Gumich company has developed an AI-based unmanned tracked platform that can be equipped with an anti-tank module equipped with missiles.

Testing of the platform called "Impulse-M" with anti-tank systems is planned for the near future.

“The Impulse-M complex implements various types of communication between the operator and the robot, which should ensure its high resistance to interference in the operating conditions of enemy electronic warfare systems.

Elements of artificial intelligence and a technical vision system allow the complex to independently return to the base if the connection is lost if communication with the operator is completely lost,” said a press release from Gumich’s parent, Rostec.

In addition to the strike version with combat modules, the robot can be used to deliver anti-tank mines, and can also be used for civilian purposes such as good transport.

The length of “Impulse-M” is just over two meters. On a horizontal surface, the drone transports cargo weighing about a ton. At an elevation of 30 degrees, it is capable of lifting 500 kg of cargo, and on a trailer it can pull up to one and a half tons.

The robot's tracked chassis is distinguished by high reliability and maintainability in field conditions. Thus, the robot can continue moving without several rollers.

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