Saab Reaches New Milestone with Its 10,000th NLAW Weapon Delivery

  • 12:00 AM, September 15, 2011
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The Saab Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon, NLAW, is a light, ‘fire & forget’, top-attack missile system that provides a single soldier with the capability of knocking out any heavily-protected armoured vehicle, including main battle tanks, in a single shot. NLAW can be deployed in any environment including complex terrain such as built up areas. NLAW has a major advantage over rival systems with its Predicted Line of Sight capability, allowing the soldier to engage targets without having to judge and compensate for external factors such as target speed, wind and range. As design authority, Saab Dynamics has been leading a team of more than 20 British, Swedish and other international companies through the project definition and design phase and then into qualification and production. NLAW meets the requirements for a next generation light anti-tank weapon, from demanding customers like the UK, Sweden and Finland. Thales UK was selected by Saab early in the project as production partner and given responsibility for final assembly. It now leads a successful UK production team. Recently the 10,000th NLAW weapon was delivered from the Thales manufacturing site in Belfast and production is continuing according to plan.