CASSIDIAN signs contract to provide Ectocryp IP crypto devices to the Middle East

  • 12:00 AM, September 22, 2011
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Cassidian announces the contract win for an agreement with Emiraje Systems LLC for the provision of ECTOCRYP cryptography products for the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces Command and Control System (ECCS). Cassidian will provide ECCS with a version of the award-winning UK developed product ECTOCRYP. Under the agreement Cassidian will also work with the Emirates to support the integration of the equipment into the ECCS network. ECTOCRYP was chosen over a number of products partly because devices can be upgraded remotely through its software interfaces under the full sovereign control of UAE Armed Forces crypto specialists. Hervé Guillou, Head of Cassidian Cyber Security, said: “This deal is of strategic importance to Cassidian as UAE become the first members of the ECTROCRYP family beyond NATO. The award of this contract is a testament to the world class pedigree of Cassidian's leading edge technology, and supports our mission in Defending World Security”. To reinforce the partnership, Khalifa University, Cassidian and Emiraje Systems L.L.C. established the Cyber Operations Centre of Excellence located at Khalifa University in June 2011. Cassidian and Emiraje Systems have committed to providing resources andequipment to Khalifa University to support the establishment and operation of the Centre, which in turn will encourage and support the development of intellectual property in the field of cyber operations at the University.