Germany Orders Upgrade of 143 PUMA IFVs to S1

April 19, 2023 @ 08:07 AM

Germanys Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has awarded Projekt System & Management GmbH (PSM) an order to retrofit a further 143 Puma infantry fighting vehicles. PSM is a joint venture of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall

Sweden Orders 20 Patria Armoured Vehicles

April 19, 2023 @ 02:43 AM

Finnish company Patria said it signed a contract with the Swedish Defence Procurement Agency (FMV) for 20 Patria 6x6 armoured vehicles. The first deliveries of the vehicles, which in Sweden will be called “Pansarterrängbil 300”, will take place within 2023

Germany Joins Finland-led Common Armoured Vehicle System Project

April 18, 2023 @ 06:56 AM

Germany has signed an agreement on joining the Finland-led Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS). CAVS is based on the 6 x 6 armoured vehicle developed by Patria

Iran Tests Top-attack Anti-tank Munition

April 16, 2023 @ 08:46 AM

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claims successful test of a top attack anti-tank missile, named ‘Sadid-365 launched from an armored vehicle.With this test, the IRGC has in place ground launched as well as drone launched top-attack munition

Caesar Artillery, Leopard 2 Tanks Set to Arrive in Ukraine

April 15, 2023 @ 01:07 PM

Ukraines armed forces will soon receive eight Leopard 2 battle tanks and 19 CAESAR self-propelled howitzers. Canadas Minister of National Defense Anita Anand said in a

Russian Forces Receive BMP-3 IFV with Additional Armor

April 15, 2023 @ 03:44 AM

Kurganmashzavod, part of Rostec-owned "High-precision complexes" has shipped a batch of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles with additional armor to the Russian armed forces. The delivered equipment is equipped with the main sight of the gunner-operator "Sodema" and additional protection kits - armored screens and gratings

Captured Russian T-90 Tank Spotted in the U.S.

April 13, 2023 @ 01:40 PM

A Russian T-90A tank captured by Ukrainian armed forces has made its way to the United States. The Russians reportedly lost the tank last year

Rheinmetall's Service Center in Romania for Western Tanks Given to Ukraine

April 4, 2023 @ 07:12 AM

German armsmaker Rheinmetall is opening a maintenance center in Romania for Western military equipment used by the Ukrainian armed forces. “It is a central concern for us at Rheinmetall to give the NATO forces as well as Ukraine the best possible support in this critical situation,” Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said

France’s DGA Qualifies Modernized Minefield Breaching Vehicle Variant

March 31, 2023 @ 06:49 AM

Frances Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) has qualified an upgraded version of the SDPMAC minefield breaching vehicle “Vulcain.” The Vulcain incorporates new equipment as well as reinforced protection

UK Buys 14 Archer Self-Propelled Guns from Sweden

March 30, 2023 @ 07:57 AM

The UK and Swedish defence ministers signed a letter of intent today relating to a new contract to deliver 14 Swedish-built Archer self-propelled guns to the British Army. The agreement was signed during Swedish defense minister Pål Jonsons visit to the UK

RBSL Starts Production of British Army’s Boxer Vehicles

March 29, 2023 @ 08:27 AM

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) has started production of British Armys Boxer Vehicles. Work to fabricate key components of the Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) officially started on March 27 at RBSLs manufacturing facility in Telford

Turkish Security Forces Receive 1st Batch of Marine Assault Vehicles

March 27, 2023 @ 05:15 AM

Turkeys FNSS Defense Systems has handed over the first batch of ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicles (MAV) to the Naval Forces Command. “We have started the deliveries of the armored amphibious assault vehicle ZAHA to the DzKK (Naval Forces Command), which will provide our marine infantry with a significant advantage in the field,”