U.S. Army Orders 3GEN FLIR Advanced Targeting Systems

July 6, 2023 @ 06:21 AM

Raytheon has won a $117.5 million U

Turkey-made Cobra II Armored Vehicles Spotted in Ukraine

July 3, 2023 @ 06:31 AM

Ukraines armed forces have reportedly deployed Cobra II 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle built by Turkish company Otokar. Several Cobra II vehicles have been photographed in the Kharkiv region

Brazil Refuses Clearance to Export 450 APCs Made by Iveco to Ukraine

July 1, 2023 @ 04:25 AM

Brazil has blocked Ukraines request for its allies to buy Iveco Defense Vehicles-built armored vehicles for its armed forces. Ukraines allies reportedly planned to 450 purchase Guarani 6×6 armored medical evacuation vehicles painted in red and yellow, to help its military evacuate the wounded from the battlefield

German Bundeswehr Buys 367 Military Trucks

June 29, 2023 @ 12:59 PM

The German Bundeswehr has placed an order worth over €250 million with Rheinmetall for 367 protected and unprotected logistic vehicles. This order is a further call-off from the frame­work contract for swap-body systems signed in June 2020

Rheinmetall Presents Mobile Smart Factory to Produce Spare Parts for Battle Damage...

June 29, 2023 @ 12:50 PM

Rheinmetall presented a new solution for the mobile production of spare parts for military vehicles damaged in wars, at an event organised by the European Defence Agency (EDA). The Mobile Smart Factory (MSF) delivers metal 3D printing and postprocessing capabilities and is fully integrated into Rheinmetall's IRIS (Integrated Rheinmetall Information System) digital ecosystem

BAE Systems, ELTA Systems Test Manned-Unmanned Teaming on Amphibious Combat Vehicle

June 29, 2023 @ 11:56 AM

BAE Systems has tested manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) on the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) C4UAS as a technology demonstration using IAI/ELTA Systems Ltds Rex MK II Unmanned Infantry Combat Support System. The teaming technology enhances mission effectiveness through greater situational awareness and decision making capabilities

Ukraine to get 14 Leopard 2A4 Tanks

June 28, 2023 @ 08:51 AM

The Netherlands contracted with Rheinmetall to supply fourteen Leopard 2A4 MBTs, worth a figure in the lower three-digit million-euro range, to Ukraine. The Dutch and Danish governments announced their intention to jointly acquire Leopard 2 A4s for donation to Kyiv in April 2023

Lockheed Martin to Develop Terrestrial Layer System for U.S. Army

June 28, 2023 @ 05:49 AM

Lockheed Martin to move on to the second phase of the Terrestrial Layer System (TLS) – Echelons Above Brigade (TLS-EAB) program, that aims to develop an armored vehicle that can spy, jam and hack drones. In the coming months, Lockheed Martin will build a prototype TLS-EAB system at their facility in Syracuse, New York with critical support from their sites in Owego, New York and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Taiwan’s Clouded Leopard II Prototype by October

June 27, 2023 @ 02:45 PM

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed plans to develop two Clouded Leopard II prototypes by October. This project is the first domestically developed armored vehicle

Ukraine’s Military Receives Heavily Modernized T-72 Ural Tanks

June 27, 2023 @ 01:44 PM

Ukrainian militarys 22nd Mechanized Brigade has received into service the previously unknown modernization of Soviet Т-72 Ural battle tanks. A video with a run-in of transferred armor was

General Dynamics Land Systems Wins $712M for Stryker DVHA1 Vehicles

June 27, 2023 @ 08:24 AM

General Dynamics Land Systems won a $712.3 million U