Technodinamika To Develop Innovative Aircraft Systems For Russo-Chinese Wide-Body Aircraft

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  • 09:08 AM, October 9, 2015
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Technodinamika To Develop Innovative Aircraft Systems For Russo-Chinese Wide-Body Aircraft
Russo-Chinese wide body aircraft project concept

Russian company Technodinamika is set to join the Russo-Chinese long-range wide-body aircraft that is being developed by the Chinese COMAC and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.

Technodinamika, part of the Rostec group is drafting its proposals for systems and parts of the aircraft, a Rostec statement said today.

The company is looking to create 10 innovative aircraft systems and equipment sets for the project, including undercarriage, hydraulic and fuel systems, a power supply system, as well as an auxiliary power unit, an air conditioning system, firefighting and de-icing equipment.

The total market capacity for the future joint project is estimated by Technodinamika's analysts to reach RUB 98.7 billion (US$ 1.63 billion) by 2020, once the aircraft goes into full-scale production. By 2025, this figure will keep on growing by 19.5% on average.

"For the time being the manufacturers are working out details for collaborative activities to build the new aircraft and have already distributed requests for information among potential participants of the project. We are in a position to come forward with our input for all the key systems and are capable to offer both high quality and competitive prices with the current RUB exchange rate giving us a lift," said Technodinamika's Chief Executive Officer Maxim Kuzyuk.

The contribution to the project of the Russo-Chinese long-range wide-body aircraft is a part of the holding company's strategy to enter the world market. Currently Technodinamika is in the process of certifying their enterprises according to international standard AS/EN 9100 that is one of the principal requirements enforced by leading aircraft manufacturers to suppliers.