Technodinamika Developing Filter Elements For MC-21, Tu-214 And Be-200ES Aircraft

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  • 04:00 AM, July 22, 2016
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Technodinamika Developing Filter Elements For MC-21, Tu-214 And Be-200ES Aircraft
MC-21 airliner roll-out (Image: Technodinamika)

Technodinamika is developing filters and filter elements for the MC-21, Tu-214 (including its derivatives) and the Be-200ES aircraft.

Work is underway under a contract with Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade to carry out research and development of systems and components for Russian aircraft. The front-end engineering design of the filters and filter elements used for filtering a working fluid in the aircraft hydraulic system is to be completed before the end of 2016, the test articles will be fabricated in 2017, while series production of a filter lineup is scheduled for 2018, Russian Aviation reported Thursday.

The high- and low-pressure filters are designed to remove contaminants in the hydraulic system of the aircraft. The units under development, consisting of filter modules with depth filter elements, valves, pressure switches, clogging indicators, pressure sensors, and others, should enable their integration into the systems and equipment used on the Russian civil aircraft.

“Today there is a shortage of filter media in Russia,” Victor Nikolenko, director of the Technodinamika Design Center was quoted as saying by the news website. “Paper used traditionally in their construction is no longer in production. In order to ensure independence from imported parts, the holding, together with its partners, has developed advanced synthetic filter media that fully meet all the requirements, are more durable and cheaper to produce.”

Filter elements being developed by Technodinamika will use depth filtration media. Depth filters retain foreign particles of various sizes both on the surface and within the filter media. The introduction of the filter elements made of depth filtration media reduces the weight of the system and extends their service life more than three times while fully eliminating media regeneration costs.

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