Spanish Air Force’s TAURUS Missile to be Upgraded by MBDA, Saab JV

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  • 11:23 AM, October 9, 2018
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Spanish Air Force’s TAURUS Missile to be Upgraded by MBDA, Saab JV
Taurus KPED 350 missile system

The Spanish Ministry of Defence and TAURUS Systems GmbH (TSG) signed a contract for an upgrade of the operational capability of the TAURUS KEPD 350 Weapon System used by the Spanish Air Force.

The TAURUS KEPD 350 has been in the inventory of the Spanish Air force for 10 years. It is today operated on the EF-18 fighter Aircraft. The advanced stand-off missile TAURUS KEPD 350 provides, with its very long range and a unique intelligent warhead, an important strategic and tactical advantage to the Spanish Armed forces.

It is optimized for attacking deep buried bunkers, infrastructure and aerial targets even in anti-access and area denied environments.

As part of the contract signed on 26th of September in Madrid, the operational capability of the Spanish TAURUS will be updated by robustification and improvement of the navigation system. The contract value is just below 30 million Euros.

This will increase the survivability considerably beyond the original configuration. With the update, the Weapon System is prepared for highly defended modern scenarios and joint operations environments. The project will start immediately.

 TSG was founded in 1998 by its shareholders MBDA Deutschland GmbH of Germany and Saab Dynamics AB of Sweden. The company acts as prime contractor and design authority for the TAURUS KEPD 350E weapon system.

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