Raytheon Wins $353 Million Deal to Supply Patriot Missiles to UAE at IDEX 2019

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  • 09:59 AM, February 18, 2019
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Raytheon Wins $353 Million Deal to Supply Patriot Missiles to UAE at IDEX 2019
IDEX 2019

Raytheon has won a Dh1.3 billion (US $353 million) contract to supply Patriot missiles for the UAE Air Force and UAE Air Defense Force on the opening day of IDEX and the Naval Defence and Maritime Security Exhibition (Navdex 2019) that kicked off in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Overall, deals worth Dh4.97 billion (US $1.35 billion) were signed during the first day at IDEX 2019. General Mohammed Al Hassani, spokesperson of the Idex; and Naval Staff Colonel Fahad Nasser Saif Al Thehli, spokesperson of the Navdex, revealed that 33 deals in defense and security equipment had been signed. Of these, UAE companies signed 18 deals worth Dh1.14 billion (US $310 million).

A Dh1.2 billion (US $326 million) contract was also signed with the Australian company EOS Defense to purchase ground and naval systems, particularly EOS RWS 30mm, for the UAE Army, Navy and Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority.

A Dh404 million (US $109 million) contract with another American company, Lockheed Martin, will see the addition of capabilities to the radar system for the UAE Air Force. A Dh127 million (US $34 million) contract with the Indian company Ordnance Factory will see the purchase of ammunitions (155mm HE) and accessories (PRIMER M191-A2) for the UAE Army.

Russian Joint Stock Company (JSC) won a two-year Dh45 million (US$12 million) contract for maintenance work and to buy Pantsir spare parts for the UAE Air Defense Force. It also won a Dh146 million (US$40 million) contract to supply EM150 Kornet missiles for the UAE Army.

Rheinmetall won two contracts with a total worth of Dh45 million (US$12 million). The Swiss subsidiary will provide technical support for UAE Air Force’ Skyguard air defence product. The German Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH will provide technical support services for tactical engagement simulations.

French Nexter will provide technical support for UAE Army’s Leclerc tanks for Dh193.5 million (US$52.6 million).

Safran won a Dh86 million (US$ 23 million) for the purchase of spare parts and provide maintenance and repair works for Leclerc tank telescopes, as well as PMP-3 armored vehicles.

Thales won a Dh6 million (US $1.6 million) to replace batteries and extend the life of mines.

South Korean Hanwha Group won Dh50 million (US$ 13 million) contract for the purchase of explosives and supplements to open loopholes in mine fields and sites of various types for the UAE Army.

The Jordanian King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau won Dh204.8 million (US$55 million) contract to purchase missiles and training rounds for the UAE Army.

US based HESCO was awarded Dh77 million (US$ 20 million) contract to purchase defensive shelters for the UAE Army.

Paramount Logistics won Dh10 million (US$ 2.7 million) contract to purchase four Mbomb for the UAE Army.

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