Chinese Army Snipers Get Target-spotting Drones

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  • 12:22 PM, January 8, 2020
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Chinese Army Snipers Get Target-spotting Drones
Chinese Sniper during an international competition: Image courtesy

Chinese army snipers have been provided with portable drones that provide battlefield information to help them to locate and shoot their target with greater accuracy in congested urban setting.

A scout battalion of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) 80th Group Army is now operating the drones, as they have been deployed in recent training, various Chinese media reported.

The drone which resembles a commercial quadcopter, can be carried in a backpack and easily deployed on the battlefield. It can be used in a two-person-sniper group - one shooter who concentrates on aiming, and one spotter who provide extra information with the aim.

Traditionally, the spotter is tasked with reporting information like wind speed, humidity and battlefield circumstances to the shooter, who will then calculate the ballistics for the shot. But with the drone, the spotter can see a more accurate view of the target.

When an enemy hides behind a wall, the spotter can release the drone and fly it with a controller, which has a large monitor on it, according to the media reports.

The spotter can maneuver the drone to an angle where it can see the location of the enemy. But the drone cannot fly too near, as the enemy might notice, CCTV said.

Equipped with an anti-material sniper rifle powerful enough to shoot through walls, the shooter will then blow the target away together with the wall.

Chinese Army Snipers Get Target-spotting Drones
Quadcopter drone: Image for reference
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