Greek, Israeli Shipyards to build Themistocles Corvettes

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  • 02:38 PM, June 23, 2020
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Greek, Israeli Shipyards to build Themistocles Corvettes
Themistocles corvette

Greek ONEX Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of the Themistocles-class corvette during Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Israel on June 16.

The first step in this agreement will be the co-production of the Themistocles corvette. Construction of six more corvettes could also be included in near future.

The Themistocles corvette is a multipurpose vessel with a length of 72m and displacement of about 800 tons. Powered by two MTU 16V1163M94 engines, this shipcan attain speeds of over 30knots and has an endurance of 21 days. It can operate a medium size marine helicopter.

Greek, Israeli Shipyards to build Themistocles Corvettes

The vessel can accomodate advanced weapons such as launchers for anti-missiles defense missiles, surface-to-surface missiles launchers, 76 mm naval gun, remotely controlled stabilized naval gun system up to 30mm, Command and Control system, ESM & ECM, advanced multifunction search radar, heavy machine guns – 0.5” / 7.62mm, and advanced day and night vision system.

The ship can be used for Open Sea Patrolling and Surveillance operations, Off-Shore facilities protection, EEZ protection, anti-terror/ smuggling /illegal activities interdiction, Search and Rescue operations in coordination with SAR Helicopters, participation in Naval combat operations, Fishing protection and control, etc.

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