Russian PD-14 Engine successfully "tried on" on MC-21-310 Plane

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  • 07:01 AM, July 24, 2020
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Russian PD-14 Engine successfully
PC-14 engine of UEC being installed on MC-21 airliner @Irkut Corp

Russia's state-owned Rostec announced Thursday it completed installation testing of locally manufactured PD-14 engine on MC-21-310 prototype aircraft.

 Russia's MC-21-300 fitted with local engines has been renamed as MC-21-310. The earlier prototypes with the Pratt & Whitney engine, carry the '-300' designation.

The aircraft were fitted with the engines at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

PD-14 is designed and manufactured by the United Engine Corporation. The modification of the MC-21-300 aircraft with domestic engines was named MC-21-310.

“The first - a mock-up - attachment of new engines to the aircraft was successful: PD-14 without any remarks stood on the MS-21 pylons. In addition, the hood flaps and reversing devices were installed, ”said Ivan Mikhailov, representative of the customer support department of the UEC-PM company.

Based on the results of preliminary tests, improvements are made to the structural elements of the engine and airframe. At the same time, systems are being installed on the MC-21-310 aircraft in the final assembly shop. After the completion of all work, the PD-14 propulsion systems will be installed on a prototype aircraft for ground and flight tests.

Units for the PD-14 aircraft engine, which will be manufactured at the Mashinostroitel Perm plant, will be certified in 2021,  Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov was quoted as saying by tvzvezda TV in May this year.

Earlier this year, prototype testing of the MC-21 was being conducted using Pratt & Whitney engines procured earlier. But since United States’ sanctions were imposed on MC-21 manufacturer, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), supply of the engines has been suspended. The PD-14 engine is being developed by Russian manufacturer, Perm Motors. It will become the first all-Russian turbofan engine designed for civil aviation since the 1980s.

Russian PD-14 Engine successfully
MC-21 airliner
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