Pakistan rolls out Upgraded Al-Khalid-1 Tank

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  • 10:23 AM, July 29, 2020
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Pakistan rolls out Upgraded Al-Khalid-1 Tank
Al Khalid-1 Tank-screen grab from Pakistan ISPR video

An upgraded Pakistani Al-Khalid tank, named as Al-Khalid-1 was rolled out at the Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) factory on Tuesday.

COAS Gen Qamar Bajwa visited Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) today. COAS was chief guest at the handing over ceremony of Tank Al Khalid-1 to Armoured Corps Regiment. Tank Al Khalid-1 is joint venture with friendly countries China and Ukraine. Ssome of its outstanding capabilities including mobility, speed, bi-axis gun stabilization of the control system and use of smoke screen to mask movement. Al Khalid-1 will be handed over to formations, which have critical and decisive role during war,” the Pakistan Inter-Service Publications (ISPR) tweeted.

The upgraded Al Khalid-I will be handed over to formations which have “critical and decisive role during wars,” the ISPR said.

The upgraded tank is it is equipped with enhanced protection against smart ammunition and other forms of top attacks. It has improved Muzzle Reference System, Solid State Auto Loader, Improved Radiation Detector besides independent command and control system for deeper and long-distance operations, according to information about the tank on HIT’s website.

The website further states that the tank has been developed for “higher strategic and tactical mobility”. It is also said to be capable of fighting in built up areas or the urban warfare. The ISPR said Al Khalid-I will be handed over to formations which have critical and decisive role during wars.

A video of the roll-out function released by the ISPR shows a number of tanks lined up while a few perform various maneuvers. The maneuvers include straight runs, turning in circles and rapid movement of the gun/muzzle.

The Al-Khalid is jointly developed by Pakistan and China during the 1990s, based on the Chinese Type 90-IIM tank. Some 500 copies of the tank have been produced by HIT so far. The tank is powered by a 6TD-2 liquid-cooled diesel engine, designed by the Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau (KMDB) of Ukraine. The 6-cylinder engine delivering 1,200 horsepower in the basic version but the one in the AL-Khalid-1 is believed to have been upgraded to 1500 horsepower.

Pakistan rolls out Upgraded Al-Khalid-1 Tank
Upgraded Al-Khalid-1 tank
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