Ukrainian Forces Claim Capturing 'Rare' Russian Sniper Rifle

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  • 08:33 AM, September 19, 2022
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Ukrainian Forces Claim Capturing 'Rare' Russian Sniper Rifle
Vykhlop sniper rifle @via Twitter

Ukraine’s military claim to have captured a rare Russian VKS Vykhlop 12.7 mm sniper rifle.

The large-caliber rifle was reportedly discovered in the Kharkiv region. It likely belonged to Rosgvardia’s Special Rapid Response Unit fighters.

Russian VKS is a bullpup, straight-pull bolt-action, magazine-fed sniper rifle chambered for the 12.7×55mm STs-130 subsonic round. It was developed in around 2002 for the special force units of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

The rifle has iron sights as well as picatinny rails for optics or laser devices (in newer versions).

The 12.7×55mm VKS silenced sniper rifle is intended for special operations that require silent firing and penetration much superior to that provided by 9×39mm VSS silenced sniper rifle. Typical targets for the VKS are combatants in heavy body armor or behind cover. The weapon uses an integral suppressor.

The special round has an overall length of 97 mm. The accuracy is claimed as 1 Minute of arc at a 100-meter range with precision bullets.

Cartridge variants: SC-130- standard; SC-130U - for training; SC-130PT - increased accuracy (59 gram bullet); SC-130PT2 - increased accuracy (solid bronze bullet); SC-130VPS - increased penetration (76 gram bullet).

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