Russia's UEC Sets Up Helicopter Engine Plant

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  • 09:46 AM, December 2, 2022
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Russia's UEC Sets Up Helicopter Engine Plant
VK-650V engine

In a move to remove dependence upon Ukrainian and Western origin engines, Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) has set up a new engine plant to manufacture VK-650V for light helicopters and TV7-117V for heavy choppers.

The new production facility has been launched at the Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise (MMP). The location, with nearly 130 new equipment is expected to be used for production of components for VK-650V and VK-1600V helicopter engines.

The VK-650V engine, developed by UEC-Klimov produces 650 hp. The first demonstrator engine was assembled in December 2020 and is expected to receive its type certificate by 2023. The VK-650V is the first domestic engine for light helicopters like the Ka-226T, Ansat-U, VRT-500 etc.

UEC also reported that it intends to increase production of compressors up to 500 units annually by 2025.

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