Russia to Invite India to join its Checkmate Project at Aero India 2023

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  • 08:41 AM, February 7, 2023
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Russia to Invite India to join its Checkmate Project at Aero India 2023
Checkmate with Su-57E aircraft @Rostec

Russia wants India to join hands with it on developing the Checkmate fifth-generation light combat jet.

A source close to state-owned Rostec told TASS Tuesday that the Russian delegation attending Aero India 2023 international air show next week plans to discuss potential cooperation with India in creating fifth-generation aircraft. “In particular, there is the intention to invite our Indian partners to join the Checkmate light tactical fighter project,” the source said.

Rostec unveiled the Checkmate at the MAKS-2021 international air show in the suburban town of Zhukovsky outside Moscow. The new plane created by Rostec at its own initiative, is a derivative of the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter. The cutting-edge fighter’s foreign rollout was held at the Dubai Airshow 2021 in the United Arab Emirates.

A pilot batch of Checkmate fighter jets is expected to be produced in 2026.

The Checkmate incorporates the latest systems, including its open architecture configuration to meet the customer’s requirements and unique artificial intelligence technologies.

The new single-engine fighter is based on stealth technology and is outfitted with an inboard compartment for airborne air-to-air and air-to-surface armaments. The fighter will carry a payload of over seven tons and will be capable of striking up to six targets at a time.

The Checkmate fighter will be capable of flying at Mach 1.8 (1.8 times the speed of sound) and will have an operating range of 3,000 km. This trailblazing jet will be outfitted with a highly efficient powerplant.

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