IDEX 2023 Exhibitor Falsely Representing INKAS Armored, says Canadian Company

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  • 04:23 AM, February 22, 2023
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IDEX 2023 Exhibitor Falsely Representing INKAS Armored, says Canadian Company
INKAS ARMORED Vehicles at IDEX 2023 @inkasvehicles

In a major embarassment at IDEX 2023, INKAS Armored has accused an exhibitor displaying under the name of INKAS ARMORED VEHICLES as falsely representing the Canadian firm, at the defense exhibition currently on in Abu Dhabi.

"DON'T interact with Ulugbekhon Maksumov and his Dubai entity exhibiting @IDEX @Abu Dhabi, as they falsely represent themselves as INKAS®Armored, stealing our brand and damaging our reputation.Only vehicles from INKAS® Armored are authentic and guarantee quality & safety," a statement posted on the Twitter page of INKAS Armored Vehicles said.

No information was availble from the IDEX 2023 show organizers and those exhibiting under the INKAS name at the event at the time of writing.

The Toronto-based company has said it is participating in several international events including AVALON23 in Austrlia later this month and has exhibited at the International Armored Vehicles show in London in January. Participation in IDEX 2023 is not mentioned on its website nor on its Twitter handle.

However, INKAS Armored does not explain how the armored vehicle bearing its brand name came to be displayed at IDEX 2023.

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