Finland Donates Mine-Clearing Leopard 2 Tanks to Kyiv

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  • 09:31 AM, March 24, 2023
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Finland Donates Mine-Clearing Leopard 2 Tanks to Kyiv
Leopard 2 tank

Finland will deliver defence materiel worth €161 million to Ukraine which includes Leopard 2 armoured mine-clearing vehicles.

This will be the 14th package of defence materiel to be delivered to Ukraine. It is estimated that to replace the defence materiel capabilities in this package will cost Finland €161 million. The combined value of all defence materiel packages submitted so far is about €910 million.

As part of international cooperation on Leopard tanks, Finland will hand over three Leopard 2 armoured mine-clearing vehicles to Ukraine, including training related to their use and maintenance. In an earlier package, Finland also delivered three Leopard 2 armoured mine-clearing vehicles, which means that the number of these vehicles sent to Ukraine is now six. The package also contains heavy weapons and munitions.

“For Ukraine, all materiel aid is vital in defending the country. We will continue our determined efforts to support Ukraine in repelling Russia’s brutal invasion,” says Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen.

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