Iran Reveals 2,000km-Range Ballistic Missile

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  • 02:02 PM, May 25, 2023
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Iran Reveals 2,000km-Range Ballistic Missile
Khorramshahr-4 (Khaibar) ballistic missile @via Iranian media

Iran has unveiled Khorramshahr-4 (Khaibar), a new ballistic missile with a 2,000km launch range.

As per Iranian media, tests of the new missile have been successful.

It is a new-generation medium-range ballistic missile and a further development of the Khorramshahr missile. Weight of the warhead is 1,500 kg.

The missile is characterized by the presence of a guidance and control system in the middle section of the flight.

This Iranian missile is powered by liquid rocket fuel. It is claimed to have an advanced engine and can stay fueled for many years. Therefore, it can be prepared for launch in a very short time.

Iran’s Khorramshahr medium-range liquid-fuel ballistic missile was tested in January 2017. The declared flight range is up to 2,000 km with a warhead weighing 1.5 tons. It is reported to have a length of 13 m, a diameter of 1.5 m, and a weight of 20 tons.

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