Russian Army Develops Dedicated Ammunition for Drones

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  • 07:58 AM, August 23, 2023
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Russian Army Develops Dedicated Ammunition for Drones
Russian UAV instructor @Russia MoD

The Russian Army operating in Ukraine has begun receiving new ammunition that matches with the technical characteristics of drones used to launch them.

Previously, the Army used ammunition such as grenades and mines strapped to drones which was not in flux with the aerodynamics of the UAVs.

The new ammunition has been designed with different types of drones used on the battlefield such as short-range, loitering and precision-strike so as to not cause a drag in flight.

An instructor for training operators of multifunctional UAVs in the Western Military District told Russian defense ministry’s Zvezda TV, “Factory ammunition has already begun to come to the front. We begin to slowly master them and work with them. We are also developing our own ammunition, high-explosive, fragmentation.”

Close to the conflict area, Russian instructors with combat experience train operators of unmanned aerial vehicles. The fighters of the Western Military District learn to use ammunition, work in the conditions of electronic warfare interference, fire adjustment, fixing fire damage.

Russian Army Develops Dedicated Ammunition for Drones
Small drone armed with special ammo on attack missiion
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