France’s Nexter Halves Production Time of Caesar Howitzers

New howitzers handed over to French armed forces to replace those sent to Ukraine
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  • 02:42 PM, November 29, 2023
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France’s Nexter Halves Production Time of Caesar Howitzers
Production of Caesar self-propelled howitzers @French MoD

The French military has officially received the initial batch of Caesar self-propelled howitzers, replacing those sent to Ukraine as part of defense aid, and they are being produced at double the previous rate.

Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of the French Armed Forces, announced this development, emphasizing that artillery regiments have already integrated the new weaponry. "A strong and tangible result of the 'war economy' desired by President Emmanuel Macron, allowing Nexter to produce Caesar howitzers in 15 months compared to the previous 30 months before the (Russian-Ukrainian) conflict," Lecornu shared on the social network X.

The French manufacturer, Nexter, has increased its production rate to six Caesar self-propelled howitzers per month and aims for further improvement. The KNDS Nexter plant in Rohan has transitioned to a "war economy," resulting in a significant reduction in the production cycle. Annual capacity has doubled, reaching six units per month, up from the historical rate of two units. To ensure continuity, Nexter preemptively purchased €300 million in raw materials and initiated the production of over ten howitzers independently.

France has reaffirmed its support for Ukraine by announcing the transfer of six additional Caesar self-propelled howitzers, with an agreement signed to service the equipment and produce certain components in Ukraine. During Minister Lecornu's visit to Kyiv, multiple contracts, letters of intent, and memorandums of understanding were established with Ukrainian defense companies.

Furthermore, France is ramping up the production of 155mm ammunition to bolster supplies to Ukraine.

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