Iranian Air Defense Forces Receive Karrar Drones Armed with Air-to-Air Missiles

Karrar reportedly has a service ceiling altitude of 47,000 feet
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  • 07:59 AM, December 11, 2023
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Iranian Air Defense Forces Receive Karrar Drones Armed with Air-to-Air Missiles
Karrar Drone @Iranian local media

In a ceremony overseen by Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Iranian air defense units officially received domestically developed Karrar drones equipped with air-to-air missiles on Sunday.

These Majid missiles, designed for the interception of hostile aerial targets, offer a cost-effective alternative to deploying manned jet fighters for such operations, Iranian state-owned media reported.

The Karrar combat drones, armed with Majid missiles, will be strategically deployed along border areas, providing air defense units with the capability to intercept and neutralize hostile aerial threats at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional manned fighter sorties. The homegrown Majid air defense missile features advanced thermal and optical seekers, enhancing its tracking and interception capabilities.

By incorporating these missile-armed drones into their defense arsenal, Iranian air defense units aim to conduct air-based tactical defense operations across various geographical locations, all while minimizing costs and reducing the inherent risks associated with manned warplanes.

Brigadier General Alireza Elhami, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force, revealed in September that the Karrar drones have been equipped with radar technology.

These drones have compelled foreign manned and unmanned aircraft to alter their courses over the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman at elevated altitudes on multiple occasions, local media reports claim.

Karrar reportedly boasts a service ceiling altitude of 47,000 feet. The drone has issued radar or radio warnings to foreign aircraft approaching Iran's coastal waters or its flight information region (FIR).

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