Iran's Annual Military Exports Surpass $1B

Weapons sales reportedly received a shot in the arm after Ukraine-Russia War broke out
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  • 01:55 PM, November 13, 2023
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Iran's Annual Military Exports Surpass $1B
Iranian drone Qods Mohajer-6 @Ukraine MoD

Iran achieved approximately $1 billion in arms exports during the last Iranian year, as revealed by Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi during a conference on Monday morning.

Brig.Gen. Farahi highlighted that Iran's export of military products witnessed a significant increase from March 2022 to March 2023.

Iran's arms exports are said to have received a big boost since the Ukraine-Russia war began in February 2023. While the U.S. has accused Iran of exporting drones, missiles and ammunition to Russia, both Moscow and Tehran have denied the charge.

Brig. Gen. Farahi stated that the Defense Ministry collaborates with approximately 7,000 enterprises across Iran, with 40% of them being knowledge-based companies.

The Iranian Defense Ministry is currently focused on groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future, Brig. Gen. Farahi added. He asserted that these advancements will position Iran strategically in the realm of technology and modern hybrid warfare.

In June, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani reported that the export of products developed by the ministry had tripled in the previous Iranian year, which concluded on March 20. Ashtiani highlighted a doubling in the production of non-military commodities and services, coupled with an 81% increase in the number of military products during the past year.

In August, the ministry's spokesperson disclosed that several Western and European states had expressed interest in purchasing Iran's unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The spokesman affirmed Iran's readiness to export military drones once domestic needs were met, provided that potential customers met specific "political and security considerations" and assured Iran that the drones would not be used for inappropriate purposes.

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