South Korean Army Deploys All-New Sniper Rifle

The effective range is around 1,500m, twice that of the current K-14 sniper rifle
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  • 08:20 AM, December 28, 2023
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South Korean Army Deploys All-New Sniper Rifle
Korean sniper rifle: Reference image

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), led by Director Eom Dong-hwan, declared the deployment of the 12.7mm sniper rifle aimed at enhancing the long-range precision strike capabilities of the Army and Marine Corps.

The newly deployed 12.7mm sniper rifle boasts an effective range approximately twice as long as the currently operational K-14 sniper rifle (7.62mm). This extended range provides operational troops with the ability to engage in sniping activities while maintaining a level of safety beyond the reach of enemy rifles.

The S&T Motiv K14 sniper rifle, weighing 5.5 kg (12 lb) without the sight and magazine and 7.0 kg (15.4 lb) with them, boasts a length of 1,150 mm (45 in) and a barrel length of 609.6 mm (24.00 in). Chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge, it is designed for portability and accuracy.

The new rifle's performance is highlighted by its ability to form a bullet group within the size of a light vehicle wheel at a distance of 1 km, underscoring its accuracy. Additionally, its capability to eliminate targets with a single shot surpasses that of other small arms currently in use by the military.

The 12.7mm sniper rifle is expected to demonstrate effectiveness in anti-personnel sniping and in penetrating thick steel plates.

To ensure comprehensive functionality, DAPA, in collaboration with relevant military forces, is deploying a high-magnification telescope with 60x magnification and an observation scope designed for target identification and location information acquisition. This enhancement is intended to improve the observation abilities of deputy gunners, enabling immediate mission execution.

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