Russian Armed Forces Bolster Arsenal with Over 1,500 Tanks and 22,000 Drones in 2023

Ukraine War drove Russian weapons manufacturers to accelerate deliveries
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  • 06:21 AM, December 30, 2023
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Russian Armed Forces Bolster Arsenal with Over 1,500 Tanks and 22,000 Drones in 2023
Russian T-72B3 & T-90M Tanks with Drone Turret Protection @Uralvagonzavod

The Russian Armed Forces have significantly reinforced their military might, acquiring a formidable arsenal of over 1,500 tanks and 22,000 drones in the year 2023, as disclosed by official end-of-year papers from the Russian Defense Ministry obtained by TASS.

The documents, released by the Defense Ministry, reveal a notable increase in the country's military capabilities, with the sufficiency level reported to be over 84%. The breakdown of the acquisitions includes over 1,500 tanks, over 2,200 armored combat vehicles, over 1,400 rocket and artillery vehicles, and an impressive fleet of over 22,000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to the report, the Armed Forces have also welcomed over 12,000 automobile vehicles, out of which more than 10%, or 1,400 vehicles, are armored. This influx of military hardware underscores Russia's commitment to fortifying its military capabilities across various domains.

In the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russia has been strategically deploying its newfound assets. Drones have played a pivotal role, with Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones making a significant impact. Additionally, domestically-produced UAVs, including the Orlan, Forpost, and Orion models, have been instrumental in surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

The ground offensive has been supported by a diverse array of battle tanks, including the T-62, T-72, T-80, and T-90 models. These tanks have been deployed to pound Ukrainian targets, marking a significant presence on the battlefield.

In October, the Russian army received upgraded T-90M Proryv and T-72B3M tanks, featuring turret armor protection for the first time. The primary goal of this enhancement is to bolster the tanks' defense against UAVs, FPV drones, and kamikaze drones, enhancing their resilience on the battlefield.

Fifteen upgraded T-90M Proryv tanks joined Russian tank fleet in early December. These upgraded tanks feature a new turret and engine.

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