Rostec Unveils Comprehensive UAV Training Program at RT-Tekhpriemka's Center

Initiative Includes Hands-On Instruction for UAV Operations, Data Analysis, and Counter-Drone Expertise
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  • 05:40 AM, February 13, 2024
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Rostec Unveils Comprehensive UAV Training Program at RT-Tekhpriemka's Center

Rostec has launched a training program at RT-Tekhpriemka's Training Center, covering UAV operations, data analysis, and specialized instruction for counter-drone experts and UAV ground control operators.

The training encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects, incorporating pre-flight and flight training sessions tailored to individual schedules. In the initial month, 50 individuals were enrolled in the courses.

Designed for professionals utilizing UAVs in their respective fields, such as surveyors, cartographers, builders, power engineers, agricultural and oil and gas specialists, videographers, photographers, ecologists, agronomists, forestry workers, engineers, and security officers, the programs require applicants to have secondary specialized or higher education. The duration of training varies between 30 to 165 hours depending on the chosen program.

The classes are conducted by Maxim Anatolyevich Kondratyev, a certified instructor and teacher with expertise in the application and counteraction of UAVs in commercial industries and government problem-solving. Kondratyev is also a practicing operator of unmanned aerial vehicles and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Engineering.

The RT-Tekhpriemka company's training center holds a license to train specialists in the field of unmanned aircraft. Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of qualifications, entered into the Federal Register of Information on Documents on Education and Qualifications, Documents on Training (FIS FRDO).

Vladlen Shorin, the General Director of RT-Tekhpriemka, remarked, "UAVs have become an integral part of everyday life. They find their application in various industries, including defense, security, law enforcement, emergency prevention, and response. The number of UAVs in use is constantly growing, and training for operators of such complexes is becoming extremely in demand. Our main goal is to train highly qualified specialists because when managing such complex systems, the operator has no room for error."

While Rostec is known for creating a range of unmanned aerial vehicles, including Supercam 350, SKAT 350M, KUB, etc., and anti-drone systems such as the Kupol omnidirectional action complex, the Pishchal-Pro anti-drone gun, and a line of automated systems for suppressing UAVs named "Serp," this training initiative is presented without explicit praise.

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