Chinese Coast Guard Intensifies Patrols Near Kinmen Days After ‘Deadly’ Boat Collision

On Feb 14, a Chinese speedboat and a Taiwanese coast guard vessel collided, resulting in two deaths.
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  • 10:03 AM, February 26, 2024
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Chinese Coast Guard Intensifies Patrols Near Kinmen Days After ‘Deadly’ Boat Collision
Chinese Coast Guard vessel patrols in waters around Kinmen on Feb 25, 2024 @China Coast Guard

In response to a recent ‘deadly’ maritime collision between a mainland Chinese fishing boat and a Taiwan patrol vessel earlier this month, the Chinese mainland's coast guard has deployed a fleet of vessels to conduct patrols near Kinmen island.

On February 14, a Chinese speedboat capsized near the Kinmen Islands during a pursuit by a Taiwan Coast Guard vessel, resulting in the loss of two lives. The four fishermen onboard were thrown overboard when their vessel was allegedly rammed by the Taiwan patrol boat, as claimed by China. Additional details were disclosed by Taiwanese authorities soon after, asserting that the speedboat had lost its balance during the chase out of restricted waters near the Kinmen Islands, which are situated just 5 kilometers from the Chinese city of Xiamen.

The Chinese coast guard, in a statement, mentioned that the patrols aim to strengthen law enforcement, maintain order, and safeguard the safety of fishermen's lives and property. Tasks conducted during the patrols include vessel checks, protection of fishing vessels, and issuing warnings to ensure maritime safety.

This move follows an announcement on February 18 by Fujian authorities stating an increase in patrols near Xiamen and Kinmen to maintain order. Two fisheries law enforcement vessels from Fujian also conducted patrols in the area on the same day.

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