Sweden Advances Future Fighter Analysis with Saab, GKN Aerospace Contracts

Contracts signed on March 22 will cover concept studies on the future aircraft and propulsion system.
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  • 05:50 AM, March 23, 2024
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Sweden Advances Future Fighter Analysis with Saab, GKN Aerospace Contracts
Saab Gripen-E fighter

Sweden has initiated the early stages of assessing its future fighter requirements, with the Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) awarding contracts to Saab and GKN Aerospace for concept studies on the aircraft and propulsion system respectively.

Signed on March 22, the contracts extend for two years, from the beginning of 2024 to the end of 2025. During this period, activities will commence to enhance knowledge within the Swedish Armed Forces, FMV, and the Swedish Defence Research Agency. These efforts will focus on analysis, studies, and system concepts, alongside developing comprehensive requirements and ensuring national industrial capacity and know-how through technology development.

The primary goal is to lay the groundwork for future decisions regarding combat aviation capabilities post-2040, aligning with anticipated threat landscapes. Lars Helmrich, head of FMV's Aviation and Space business area, emphasized the importance of this early stage, stating it's crucial to clarify technology choices and commercial options before deciding how to supply future combat aviation capabilities.

Activities will include knowledge-building at various defense institutions, concentrating on leadership, analysis, evaluation, and comprehensive requirements development. Additionally, efforts will secure national industrial capacity and expertise through technology development and preparatory work for demonstrators.

These initiatives are part of FMV's commitment following the government decision of July 6, 2023, regarding future combat aircraft in the concept phase.

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