Russian Air Force Receives Another Batch of Su-34 Bombers

The exact number of jets handed over to the service is not known.
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  • 06:40 AM, June 17, 2024
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Russian Air Force Receives Another Batch of Su-34 Bombers
Su-34 fighter

Rostec subsidiary United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has delivered the latest installment of Su-34 front-line bombers to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

These aircraft were manufactured at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Following rigorous factory tests, the Su-34 bombers have been deployed to the troops. The Su-34s are known for their ability to engage ground and air targets, including infrastructure facilities shielded by air defense systems, far away from their home airfields.

Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of the Rostec State Corporation, underscored the aircraft's capability to operate in diverse combat scenarios, equipped with both unguided and guided munitions, making them particularly useful in the Northern Military District zone.

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