Ukrainian Agents Set Fire to Su-34 Bomber in Eastern Russia

Ukrainian intelligence directorate has posted a video of a fire near the fuselage of what looks like a Su-34 jet
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  • 04:40 PM, January 4, 2024
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Ukrainian Agents Set Fire to Su-34 Bomber in Eastern Russia
Screenshot of a video showing set on fira Su-34

Saboteurs working for Ukrainian Intelligence have set on fire a Su-34 bomber in the Shagol airfield in Chelyabinsk, Eastern Russia.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR) released footage on YouTube of a Russian Su-34 tactical bomber being set on fire at the airfield in Chelyabinsk.

On the night of January 4, saboteurs set fire to a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber at the Shagol airfield in Chelyabinsk, several Ukrainian media reported.

Quoting the GUR, the reports said that the aircraft belonged to the aviation regiment of the 21st mixed aviation division of the aerospace forces of the Russian Armed Forces.

The extent of damage to the aircraft cannot be ascertained from the video which shows only a small candle size fire in the fuselage near the engine bay.

Ukrainian Agents Set Fire to Su-34 Bomber in Eastern Russia
map location of Shagol airfield in Chelyabinsk, Eastern Russia

This is not the first sabotage operation at military and mixed airfields of the Russian Federation.

In September 2023, saboteurs blew up an An-148 and Il-20 airplanes at an airfield in the Moscow region, as well as an Mi-28N helicopter, which had previously been actively involved in shooting down attack drones over the Moscow region.

Earlier several parked long range  bombers were reportedly damaged at an airfield close to the Ukrainian border from a drone attack which had been launched from inside Russia.

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