Irish Navy Selects Kelvin Hughes' SharpEye For Fleet Radar Upgrade

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  • 01:58 PM, October 2, 2013
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Kelvin Hughes today announced that the Irish Naval Service has selected the SharpEye radar and the MantaDigital display for the incremental upgrade of its fleet. 

The ships of the Irish Naval Service operate in some of the harshest maritime conditions, including the North Atlantic, and the decision in favour of SharpEye was strongly influenced by the enhanced situational awareness that the radar system can provide, particularly in adverse conditions and high sea states. 

Under the terms of the contract, the upgrades will take place over a three year period as vessels become available for or require a refit. 

Available in both I and E/F band frequencies, the SharpEye radar system represents a radical and innovative departure from current marine navigation radar technology in that it has no magnetron and uses a coherent transmission, making it capable of separating small targets from clutter due to their differing radial velocity components. 

The MantaDigital workstation is a multi-function display platform, which can host radar, ECDIS and conning functionality on a wide-screen display surface. 

Rohan Dearlove, Kelvin Hughes’ Head of Sales Central Region, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with the Irish Naval Service with whom we have had a long association. The enhanced performance of SharpEye will undoubtedly enable the Service’s vessels to operate more effectively.” 

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