Houthi Tactics Seem to be Working as Chinese COSCO Stops Port Calls to Israel

  • By Defensemirror.com bureau
  • 02:10 PM, January 8, 2024
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COSCO, the world's fourth-largest shipping company, has suspended its service to Israel due to disruptions caused by Houthi rebel attacks on Red Sea commercial ships. Initially targeting Israeli-linked vessels, the Houthis expanded their attacks to ships with minimal or no Israeli ties, exceeding 20 incidents since November, causing delays and increased costs for shipping companies.

The United States established a 12-nation maritime coalition to deter Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, warning of "consequences" unless the attacks cease. Despite the warnings, the Houthis persist, raising concerns about a potential armed response from the coalition.

U.S., British, and French warships in the Red Sea can counter Houthi missiles and drones, but challenges and rising costs, especially with swarm attacks, persist. The geographical distance and altered paths of Houthi missile launches pose a threat to Israeli ships lacking protective cover, fearing involvement in a war with Yemen and potential disruption to maritime routes.